LES MILLS PUMP DVD Workout Package

LES MILLS PUMP DVD Workout Package

Lose Weight and Gain Strength FAST

You can use Les Mills Pump to engineer and sculpt the perfect body. This rapid weight loss and accelerated training program has been specifically designed to help you burn a maximum number of calories in a minimum amount of time in order to get you the tight and toned body with lean muscle mass that you need. The secret technique that is used is known as the REP EFFECT™ – requiring you to utilize lighter weights at a much higher rate of repetition than normal in order to reduce close to 1,000 calories through each workout.

Included within the system, you will receive a barbell, which you can use to enhance the quality of your strength training as well as your fat loss. The complete kit comes with two ten-lbs weighted plates as well as a set of two five-pound plates as well.

Exclusive Gift for FREE! You can get the LES MILLS PUMP: CORE workout for no additional charge when you purchase this program through your Team Beachbody® Coach or the Team Beachbody website ($19.95 value).

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7 Lean Muscle Building and Massive Fat Burning Workouts:

  • PUMP CHALLENGE: Fire your muscles with basic resistance exercises to get you quick results in a relatively short period of time (20 minutes)
  • PUMP AND BURN: Use compound moves to feel a maximum burn that work several muscles to burn fat and maximum calories. The more you burn, the better you look (30 minutes)
  • PUMP AND SHRED: Build endurance and burn through your fat storage while you start the shredding process with every single repetition. Using the patented REP EFFECT™ is an essential step (45 minutes)
  • PUMP REVOLUTION: Pump up your heart rate with big moves and quick tempos like power lunges and presses. This is lean muscle building and overall calorie burning at its finest (55 minutes)
  • PUMP EXTREME: Weights are going to be lifted but you can also found on targeted muscle training and overall intensity through this 55-minute workout.
  • FLOW: Increase your levels of flexibility while you decrease soreness and enhance your overall alignment while you continue to lengthen and stretch your body in this 20-minute workout.
  • HARD-CORE ABS: Sculpt the perfect core like a work of art and add definition to your back with a series of moves that will target your muscles from every possible direction. Your midsection will go through an intense period of 360 degree training in this 20-minute workout.
  • PUMP BASICS: Learn the basic techniques necessary to adjust weights, assemble the barbells and use the appropriate stance and proper grip techniques in order to maximize the value that you receive from this program (10 minutes).

Along with the program, you will also receive the equipment necessary to build your new body:

  • Barbell: This is the primary body transformation tool that you will use in order to take your strength training and effective weight loss to the next level. Keep in mind that the barbell is designed with padded grips for additional comfort and an easy-to-assemble structure.
  • Four Weight Plates: Along with the barbell, you can add intensity to your overall workout simply by adjusting the weight load with two 5-pound and two 10-pound weight plates.
  • Two Safety Clips: Secure the weight plates properly on the barbell to maintain physical balance and stability with each lift. These clips are easy to place and remove throughout your vigorous workout sessions.

3 Tools to Help You to Take Your Workout to the Next Level:

  • Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide: Plan out your entire 90-day transformation with this instructional guide that tracks your weights, provides you with guidelines for maximum results in addition to a detailed workout calendar.
  • Get Lean Dietary and Nutrition Guide: Use a proven three-phase nutrition plan to ramp up your metabolism with over 50 tasty recipes and modifiable meal plans that can keep your lean body strong and sculpted.
  • Measurement Tracker & Tape Measure: Track progress and sit back to watch the pounds melt away through every single stage of this transformation.

THREE Bonuses for Maximum Results:

  • Quick One-Week Jump-Start: Get started with a bang when it comes to losing weight with this 7-day weight loss and dietary plan. You will be provided with all of the snacks and meals that you need to keep your energy up and your waistline goes down.
  • Get Lean Dietary and Nutrition Guide: Learn everything that you need to know in order to take your body to the maximum level of fat loss and endurance. Combine your fast food recipes to keep your taste buds and stomach satisfied.
  • FREE technical support and customer service: Get 24-hour access to the TeahBeachbody.com website where you will have full access to fitness and diet advice and peer support.

Your Price: $165.85 Buy Now!

*LES MILLS PUMP is available in the US and Canada only.

*LES MILLS PUMP is highly physical and very demanding as a home fitness program requiring proper & careful use of all types of fitness equipment in general. Do not start any exercise program with consulting your physician first to receive his or her approval and other safety instructions to follow.

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