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by Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson

It’s officially the dog days of summer!  July is upon us which means family gatherings, pool parties, shorts, and swimsuits.  I remember growing up I dreaded summer!  I know, what kid dreads summer?  No school, vacations, camp – what’s not to love?  To me summer represented trying to find excuses not to go to the pool, or do my best to keep my shirt on if I did end up in the water because I was ashamed of my body!  I even chose to take summer school classes over going with my family on an all expenses paid vacation to Cancun. (My mom was NOT happy about that decision) But the thought of a week at a beach was terrifying to me.  Much easier to hide fully clothed in a classroom.

Maybe you find yourself this summer dealing with feelings of guilt, frustration or remorse because another year has come and gone, and you are still ashamed of how you look and feel.

As I talk with people who say they want to change, but have yet to take action usually the objection is that ‘I can’t afford to get started’.  Whether it’s using something like Shakeology, or starting a program like P90X – they see the success stories, but they are so scared that it won’t work for them, they don’t want to invest in something only to be let down or disappointed again.

I find many times money can be a convenient mask for the true issue – the fear of getting started.

Change can be a scary thing!  I understand!  When I was 100 pounds overweight, living at home, with maxed out credit cards, I had the same objections.  All I knew was disappointment.  I had tried to lose weight before, invested in things that didn’t work – so the thought of paying what little money I had into yet another gimmick was not appealing.

Well I have good news for you!  For the month of July I’m going to help you GET STARTED FOR FREE!  Partner with me for 30 days!  Full access to me in a private Facebook group plus the opportunity to try Shakeology and one of 3 Programs FREE.  All you have to do is pay Shipping!

I’ve seen so many hesitate to get started because they were skeptical if our programs really work.  Many of those same skeptics who chose to take the one step of faith to get started, see incredible results and admit they would have paid MUCH MORE if they realized what a huge impact it was gonna have on their health, fitness, and energy levels!

I just care so much about you seeing results and changing your life I want to eliminate the #1 excuse most people have!

Get your best body Now!  Everything you need for real results!

You get a world class program (P90X, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift), 30 Days of Shakeology, and complete access to me for questions, support, motivation FOR FREE!  Try it for 30 Days!

By getting started with a Free Trial Challenge Pack you only pay shipping and handling ($14.95) and any applicable sales tax.  You get the workout program of your choice, Shakeology, and access to my privately coached Facebook Group!  If at any point during the first 30 days you decide it’s not for you, simply return the pack. No harm, no foul — and you aren’t going to hurt my feelings!  You won’t be billed anything.  However, if you realize what an amazing deal it is to have everything you need to completely change your life, just keep it and you’ll be billed starting month 2.

All I need from you is the word GO! Are you willing to give yourself the chance to change your life?

I am looking for Champions!  If you were on the fence about getting started, now TRY IT FREE if you are serious about getting real results!

If that is you, your next step is to choose your pack below, then send your confirmation email to [email protected] so our staff can add you to our private Facebook support group!

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Let’s do this thing together!  – Coach Jimmy

*This promotion ends July 31, 2012


Coach Jimmy Hays NelsonJimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Coach is a self-proclaimed ‘former fat guy’. In his mid 20’s he was an overweight college dropout, who found himself living back at home with his parents. Knowing something had to change, he took action.

Through his transformation journey he lost 100 pounds, started his own business, was featured in the Shaun T workout series INSANITY, and has been seen multiple times on QVC with his buddy Tony Horton promoting P90X.

He founded NELSONGY FITNESS with his wife Kelly to reach out to give hope and support to those that are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you are lacking physically, emotionally, financially, or nutritionally we are here to help you see REAL RESULTS!


What Jimmy's Trainees & Crew Members are saying

Tulin E.

"I was a skeptic. Thanks to Coach Jimmy's leadership 1.5 years later, I earn twice the income of my previous full time job, we lost 150 lbs as a couple, and helping hundreds of plus size women. Fitness has become our family's life bringing us closer together!"

Andy Tuttle

Branch Mgr, Oak Mortgage Group

"Coach Jimmy's constant support and encouragement has helped me be a better "me". Down 17lbs. More engaged in my marriage. More focused in my business. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Coach!"

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