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Treadmills Suck!

By Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson Come with me on a little time travel journey, won’t you?   The year is 1988 in the west Texas town of Lubbock.  It’s a crisp fall afternoon, and a class of 4th graders excitedly run outside gripping four popsicle sticks in their hands.  Well, all except one.  Behind the commotion, laughs, and roughhousing strays a portly young man with a worried look on his face.   Why so concerned?  Because the four wooden sticks he holds in his hand represents the number of laps he has to run to complete today’s 1 mile assignment in P.E. He’s been through this torture before.  It usually starts with high hopes as he is with all his friends to being their quest.  But it isn’t long till he finds himself alone on this trek as his classmates being to distance themselves from his conservative pace.   And the only time…

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