Shakeology Price Change – The Cold Hard Facts

by Coach Jimmy Nelson

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If you are currently doing any Beachbody workout program, you have probably heard of Shakeology.   More and more amazing success stories are roll in every week!  I haven’t missed a day since it made its debut in 2009 which is funny because when it was first announced at our Team Beachbody Coach Summit, I totally didn’t understand what made Shakeology different from everything on the market nor the impact it would have on my life.

The Shakeology Price is Too High!

You may feel like I did when it first rolled out.  Sure it looked good!  And all those 70+ ingredients are impressive.  But $119 for a bag is ridiculous!  There is no way I can afford that. However I didn’t blink an eye when I would go into a supplement shop and walk out with 4-5 tubs of stuff that cost me $200-$300.  Not to mention the $4-$8 a day coffee shop/energy drink habit I had as well. Up to that point everything Beachbody had put out had completely changed my life.  So I was willing to take them up on their “Bottom of the Bag” guarantee and see if this fancy shake lived up to all the hype.

What is your Shakeology Review?

I already mentioned that I haven’t missed a day of Shakeology since 2009, so you can imagine that my Shakeology review is pretty positive.  Once I grasped that I was only paying $4 to replace a meal that I normally was spending $8-$12 it became a no-brainer, and it replaced all those different tubs of stuff I had been getting at the vitamin store!  But more so than what it did for me was the fact that it literally saved my Dad’s life.   You can see the 1 minute video Shakeology review I did here.

Shakeology Price is going up?!?!?

That was my reaction when I heard the news.  Even a loyal customer like myself was a little shocked initially.  But then it dawned on me that the average price of gas in 2009 was $1.78 and now its $3.76.  So while inflation was causing the price of everything else to go up, Beachbody was able to hold prices in check.   That is pretty impressive.  It’s especially since they have refused to compromise on ingredient quality, and have even improved the formulation to make it even better for you!

So here’s the facts about the Shakeology price shift. On April 1st, the price of the whey Shakeology flavors (Chocolate & Greenberry) are going from $119 to $129 retail ($89 to $97 Coach Price).  This will make them the same price of the vegan flavors.  If you are already enjoying the vegan Shakeology flavors there is no price change.

As I mentioned before, inflation is a part of life.   The options given to us by Beachbody were to either raise the price of regular Shakeology flavors or starting charging shipping on the Shakeology HD (Home Direct) orders.  I, for one, am very glad that they decided to continue to honor the free shipping for those of us on Shakeology auto ship HD!

So now the Shakeology price is the same across the board for all flavors both regular and vegan.  And we still get to enjoy free shipping for HD orders.  It makes sense to me since now the regular and vegan formulas are identical except for the protein. (Regular has whey isolate and Vegan uses brown rice protein).

Get your Shakeology Discount Here before the price goes Up!

So what’s the good news about the Shakeology Price Change?


Beachbody is not adjusting the price of the regular flavors until April 1st.  If you are on HD now… You are LOCKED IN to the CURRENT Shakeology price. That means you KEEP your $89.96 rate (Coaches get the best deal)  You still enjoy free shipping and are GRANDFATHERED in to hold that price for LIFE!  If you’re not…. on April 1st the price is going up.

So if you have been on the fence NOW is your chance to get LOCKED in for a special price. You can still opt out whenever you’d like, but who would want to when you can save $120 a year?

P90X Creator Tony Horton chimes in. This is Hilarious!

This is probably the funniest Shakeology Review I have ever seen.  Is it a little silly and goofy?  Yes!  But it does an amazing job of showing that unique quality and value of Shakeology.  This video really does a great job of explaining what sets Shakeology apart from other shakes.  Enjoy!

Shakeology Price


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