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What is a Story Stage for Sales?

There has never been a better time to find your ‘stage’ than today. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook-they all give us access to our own platform as well as others ‘stages’, making our reach easier than the past several decades. Stages have […]

THIS is What People Notice When You’re on Stage

An audience, whether it be your social media, group of friends, or actual people in seats, is smart. They’re going to determine if they like or trust you based on these two things: OR Enter: slimy car salesman. You know […]

2 Questions You Must Answer Before Crafting a Story

Beginning to craft a story that is meant to move people to buy or work with you can seem overwhelming. I like to start it off by asking two simple questions: Speaking to the masses about your product is a […]

3 Things to Make a Story Stick

Think of times in the past that you’ve listened to stories that felt like a snooze-fest. Why do you think it was boring? Maybe it was hard to follow. Maybe it lacked something you connected on. Maybe it lacked direction. […]

The Biggest Secret to Selling

Are you in an industry that requires you to sell a product? Having been in a direct sales business for over 10 years, I’ve done a lot of good and not so good practices with selling. It’s part of the […]

Do NOT Do this if You’re a Speaker!

In my 10+ years in being an entrepreneur, I have seen one mistake time and time again that holds someone back from being their most successful self. Have you ever felt like you wanted to hide your best golden nuggets […]

Your Story has 5 Minutes to do 3 Things

In today’s world, attention span is getting shorter by the day. What does that mean in regards to sharing your story? It’s gotta be short and packed with a punch! Let’s take a look at what bullet points your story […]

5 Part Memory Jogger for Storytelling

Ever feel like your story isn’t compelling, dramatic or inspirational enough? There is such a thing as knowing ourselves and our experiences too well. We don’t realize that something simple that happens in our day to day life could be […]

Share These 3 Things to Score New Business

Looking to score more business this year? In the decade plus of being an entrepreneur, I’ve gone through many trial and errors. But when I’ve gotten the most success is when I shared these 3 things: When you think about […]

THIS excuse is keeping you from success.

There’s a slew of excuses that can come up when trying to reach your goals: money, time, procrastination. But with over a decade of experience in coaching, I’ve noticed ONE excuse that keeps people from starting the most. People beginning […]

positive mindset tips in a crisis

Battling a Negative Mindset in Hard Times

How to stay positive in the middle of an epidemic Hey, Coach Jimmy here, and if you’ve followed me for some time, you know that investing in my mindset every morning is a huge key to my transformation not only […]

the rock's morning routine

The Rock’s Morning Routine and Why It WORKS

Hey entrepreneurs. I’m gonna give you the number one productivity hat that I use every day and guess who else does it? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he gets things done. The key piece to being more productive every day […]