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A Parent’s Dilemma: Will my baby let me workout?

A Busy Parent’s Solution to Exercise, Losing weight, and Getting Fit. Eliminate Excuses and Get Results.   Ready to work with me to reach your health & fitness goals. I will Coach you for FREE! ($197/hr Value!)   Jimmy Hays […]

Overcome Cravings! We all get them, but what do you do when they strike?

Everyone has unhealthy food cravings. But what do you do when they strike? Check out my story of how an innocent early morning trip to the grocery store turned into a craving ambush!   TIPS ON OVERCOMING CRAVINGS: 1. Stay […]

I know I SHOULD exercise BUT…. What to do when you just don’t FEEL like it!

We all know that exercise is good for you.  By following a healthy lifestyle, we gain more energy and confidence while reducing unwanted ailments like heart issues, extra weight, and depression.  However, many people down deep want to live a […]

Fitting In Fitness – Diary of a New Dad. Simple Ways for Busy People to Get In Shape and Live Healthy Life.

  In my first couple weeks of being a Dad, I am finding that my normal schedule is most definitely being ‘adjusted’.  Sleep schedules, feedings, diaper changes, & just wanting to put the world on hold to spend time with […]