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All you ever wanted to know about P90X2

The 411 on P90X2 By Jimmy Hays Nelson Elite Beachbody Coach   Back in June I posted the first sneak peek video of the new P90X2 on my YouTube Channel. Ever since then I have been pelted with questions. For the […]

Nutrition Results. Plan Ahead to Get Ahead!

By Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Elite Coach “I don’t mind doing the workouts, in fact a really enjoy them. Where I drop the ball is when it comes to what I eat.” Does this sound familiar? Maybe you recognize it because you […]

Secret Ingredient you are missing in your P90X Kenpo workout!

By Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Elite Coach Most people who decide to embark on 90 days of Tony Horton’s P90X, do so with weight loss as their primary goal.  But as they look thru the 12 DVDs that come with […]

Need motivation to workout? Would $100,000 help?

by Jimmy Hays Nelson “I’d workout if only I could find the motivation to start!” Does this sound familiar?  It is probably the #1 statement I hear when talking to people about reaching their fitness goals. So how do you […]

The Time/Energy Paradox

by Jimmy Hays Nelson   Tell me if this sounds familiar.  Your responsibilities seem to keep adding up: school, work, spouse, kids, etc.  You know your ever-growing stress level causes you to eat more, make poor food choices, sleep less, […]

The #1 decision to guarantee you lose weight and keep it off!

by Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Coach   Hello, Coach Jimmy here! And I just wanted to take a minute and tell you about a decision that I made four years ago that I feel has had the number one impact on […]

Balance takes much more than Strong Core Muscles

By: Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson Last night I met up with a few friends to go through a 30 day test group of Shaun T’s new workout program INSANITY: THE ASYLUM.  The first workout is actually a Fit Test, or […]

Mindset versus Waistline: All About Your Attitude

by Jimmy Hays Nelson In my mid 20’s I found myself as an overweight college drop out who just moved back in with his parents and with very little direction in life. How was it possible for me to go […]

INSANITY THE ASYLUM Workout Review by an INSANITY Cast Member

My name is Jimmy Hays Nelson, and I am a Cast Member in Shaun T’s INSANITY Workout Series.  Earlier this year when I heard rumors of his new workout program INSANITY: THE ASYLUM, I knew I had to be the […]

The trend of Obesity Doesn’t Speak One Language!

    (Article Featured in this week’s Team Beachbody Coach Weekly) Jimmy Hays Nelson: Embracing the Hispanic Community Jimmy’s introduction to the Hispanic community came at a Team Beachbody event. “I met someone who was bilingual at a Tony Horton […]

A Parent’s Dilemma: Will my baby let me workout?

A Busy Parent’s Solution to Exercise, Losing weight, and Getting Fit. Eliminate Excuses and Get Results.   Ready to work with me to reach your health & fitness goals. I will Coach you for FREE! ($197/hr Value!)   Jimmy Hays […]

Overcome Cravings! We all get them, but what do you do when they strike?

Everyone has unhealthy food cravings. But what do you do when they strike? Check out my story of how an innocent early morning trip to the grocery store turned into a craving ambush!   TIPS ON OVERCOMING CRAVINGS: 1. Stay […]