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When Opportunity Knocks Will You Be Ready

By Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson I have always been one of the most avid sports fans I know. From a very young age, I loved the drama of a buzzer beater or a last second Hail Mary to win a game! […]

Pick My Brain – You Have Weight Loss Questions, I Have Answers

by Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson Very few things in life are super duper consistent; however, I have noticed something lately that always makes me laugh to myself. As a business owner and a work at home Dad with a flexible schedule, […]

Get Over Yourself – Your Health and Fitness is NOT About YOU

What is your weight loss inspiration? It should be bigger than you. What would be different in your world if you actually lost that 15-20 pounds?

P90X2 Results and Review

By Jimmy Hays Nelson The journey to the neXt frontier as begun! The anxiously awaited sequel to the best selling in-home fitness program, P90X2, arrived at my house in time to make it a very Merry Christmas! After 8 years of […]

2012: The Year of Resolutions or Results?

So we find ourselves once again in that weird holiday lull period between Christmas and New Years.  For me, it’s always this odd feeling of trying to look forward and backward at the same time.  Another year is coming to […]

Did You Feel Guilty Eating That?

By Jimmy Hays Nelson  … The question stuck in my head. That question came in the form of a comment on my Facebook Page when I posted a picture of my cheat meal that week.  The admittance that I cheat on […]

What are the benefits of having a workout Success Partner?

  Who’s is your PIC? (Partner in Crime) By Jimmy Hays Nelson Elite Team Beachbody Coach OK, for those of you concerned about the title of this blog post, this isn’t about finding someone to be a Bonnie to your […]

Workout Motivation Solution. $1,111 up for grabs to get active with me in November!

  By Jimmy Hays Nelson, Elite Team Beachbody Coach For those of you that are regular readers of this Blog, you might have noticed that lately motivation has become a recurring theme. I honestly believe that most people have a true […]

Stay at Home Dad Lesson. How Force Feeding your Baby is like Fitness.

  By Jimmy Hays Nelson   So we have reached the 7 month stage with baby Asher, and many new activities have rapidly developed: Spitting, Army Crawling, Teething, and of course Eating Solid Food. We have decided to introduce one food item […]

Momentum in Fitness – How to create it and maintain it.

  Don’t Let One Bad Day Turn Into a Bad Year by Jimmy Hays Nelson, Beachbody Elite Coach After a long, hot summer, it’s finally my favorite time of year again- Fall. Some love it because of the break in the […]

A Little Bit of Something Is Better Than A Whole Lot of Nothing!

By Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Elite Coach As someone who owns their own home based fitness business, I have always been thankful that I chose to partner with Beachbody. Not only for the brand recognition of programs like P90X, INSANITY, and […]

BEWARE of Trying to Find the “Perfect Time” to Start Something New!

by Jimmy Hays Nelson    Wow- how time flies!  This video was my first post when we launched NELSONGY FITNESS.  As you saw in the video, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I launched this blog.  The site, […]