Have a big goal?

Learn how to reverse engineer and break it down with my goal setting guide!

how to tell a story sean cannell facebook live

How To Tell A Story – Facebook Live With Sean Cannell

Telling a story is an effective and powerful tool that every brand and business should harness. Storytelling is a primary method of communication for thousands of years, and today it proves to be essential for entrepreneurs in establishing their brands […]

brock johnson millenial entrepreneur

Brock Johnson: A Millennial With A Passion For Telling Stories

Brock Johnson is a 21-year old millennial and brilliant young man who we can learn so much from. I wanted to talk to Brock about a lot of things: how he juggles his time being a student and quarterback football […]

Sean Cannell: LinkedIn Video Secrets

Nowadays, videos have become an essential part of story-telling and marketing, and if your brand isn’t utilizing video as content yet, then you’re definitely missing out. I’ve had the pleasure to talk with Sean Cannell, a renowned influencer in digital […]

Jasmine Star An Unpopular Opinion

Jasmine Star and Her Unpopular Opinion on Burning Lists

Lists are in our everyday lives, but in the business space, a list is essential and non-negotiable. You need to have a list of followers, email addresses, and business strategies. However, my good friend Jasmine Star says “burn that list!” […]

public speaking tips

Public Speaking Training with Coach Jimmy: What It Takes to Create and Deliver an Effective Speech

Speaking before an audience can be nerve-wracking, yet rewarding. I know cause I’ve been there. In my speech for Pays to Be Brave where I faced thousands of female entrepreneurs as a guest speaker, I feel great for having the […]

skills for success

How To Wake Up Early For Success: An Early Riser’s Routine For a Productive Day

Have you ever wondered what successful people like Benjamin Franklin, Tim Cook, Michelle Obama, and Richard Branson have in common? They wake up early. Waking up early gives you the opportunity to do things that matter to you before embracing […]

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Check out the rest of my business articles.

Want more?

Check out the rest of my business articles.


Working with Coach Jimmy has allowed me to attain an income that helped me leave my full time job as an RN and work part-time. This gives me the opportunity to spend more time at home with my kids! Coach Jimmy has enabled me to helped me to continue to be a healthy and strong role model for my daughters.

- Adrienne F.

Need some GUIDANCE?

Stuck in a rut? Not making the progress you were expecting? Having trouble getting your business off the ground? I know that feeling. I've been there. It's infuriating. I've experienced it many times while I was building my seven figure home based business over the last decade. I put together the guides below to help you learn from my mistakes so you can power through your roadblocks and push your business to the next level.

The Importance of Personal Development

We aren't born great communicators or Titans of industry. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and investing in yourself. Work on becoming the best you with my personal development guide.

How to Achieve any goal

Most people don’t reach their goals because they don’t set the right goals. They’re either over the top, not clear enough, or totally unrealistic, which causes is a quick path to failure. Learn to set attainable goals that feed your motivation with this guide.

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Simplify and empower your email marketing, funnels, marketing campaigns, landing pages, course creation, and more with Kajabi. After trying many others, we are now using Kajabi and loving it.


Fly Faster

Fly through security on your next trip with Clear. You may already have TSA PreCheck, but this is the next step to having almost zero time spent at the security checkpoints in 40+ airports and counting. I love it.



Marketing Impact Academy is my #1 course recommendation for launching your brand and business. I've been a member and a participant for many years and continue to gain valuable insights and priceless knowledge.


Send video emails

BombBomb makes email personal again. I've been using BombBomb for the last few months and it's been an absolute game changer. I save time getting back with my coaches and prospects, and it adds a personal touch that plain text just can't replicate.

Post Planner

Schedule Social Updates

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a nightmare, but Post Planner has made my life immensely easier. I can schedule posts out weeks in advance so I don't have to do every single little thing to keep my audiences engaged with my content.


Easy Meeting Scheduling

Anything that makes my life easier gets my money. Rather than going back and forth and back and forth with my customers, vendors, and staff, Acuity lets others see my availability and book the appointment with zero effort on my end to make it happen.