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THIS excuse is keeping you from success.

There’s a slew of excuses that can come up when trying to reach your goals: money, time, procrastination. But with over a decade of experience in coaching, I’ve noticed ONE excuse that keeps people from starting the most. People beginning […]

positive mindset tips in a crisis

Battling a Negative Mindset in Hard Times

How to stay positive in the middle of an epidemic Hey, Coach Jimmy here, and if you’ve followed me for some time, you know that investing in my mindset every morning is a huge key to my transformation not only […]

the rock's morning routine

The Rock’s Morning Routine and Why It WORKS

Hey entrepreneurs. I’m gonna give you the number one productivity hat that I use every day and guess who else does it? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he gets things done. The key piece to being more productive every day […]

take responsibility

Stop Blaming Others And Start Taking Action

Failure will always be part of our life, but that’s where we get our lessons from. Like they say “experience is the best teacher,” and my experiences can teach us how to get over our failures and start living our […]

how to read more books

How to Read And Retain More Information

How A Non-Reader Becomes Obsessed With Learning A lot of people weren’t born readers. Developing the habit of reading, especially if you’re a non-reader, can be painful, daunting and overwhelming. But reading enriches your knowledge, inspires you, motivates you, gets […]

princess dianas influence

Princess Diana – Empowerment in Vulnerability

Remembering Diana’s Legacy While I’m in London It’s crazy. We’re walking through Kensington Palace today and, I’m gonna be honest, I’m not super up on all my British history, but going in and seeing photos of Diana was really humbling. […]

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Check out the rest of my mindset articles.

Want more?

Check out the rest of my mindset articles.


Working with Coach Jimmy has taken my business to the next level. Jimmy challenges me daily to try and do new things that push me forward towards my goals. I am lucky to have mentors that support and recognize my accomplishments, which in turn makes me want to do achieve even more.

- Jacqueline R.

Learn from my mistakes

I wasn't always "Coach Jimmy". I was once 100lbs overweight, over $60,000 in debt with multiple maxed out credit cards, and living back at home with my parents in my 20s. Yeah, I was a loser with a capital L, but I didn't let my failures stop me from getting to where I wanted to be. Now I have a seven figure home-based business, I lost that 100lbs, and I'm living a life of my own making. How did I do it? By keeping the right mindset. Check out the tips and tricks that made it all possible in the guides below.

The Importance of Personal Development

I would not be where I am today if I didn't invest in myself through personal development. Push to the next level by improving yourself with my personal development guide.

Achieving Your goals

People just don't know where to start, so they never do. I'm here to tell you that you can literally accomplish anything and everything you want if you follow the tips in my goal setting guide. Check it out and change your life today!

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