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take responsibility

Stop Blaming Others And Start Taking Action

Failure will always be part of our life, but that’s where we get our lessons from. Like they say “experience is the best teacher,” and my experiences can teach us how to get over our failures and start living our […]

how to read more books

How to Read And Retain More Information

How A Non-Reader Becomes Obsessed With Learning A lot of people weren’t born readers. Developing the habit of reading, especially if you’re a non-reader, can be painful, daunting and overwhelming. But reading enriches your knowledge, inspires you, motivates you, gets […]

storytelling in london

Exploring London and Storytelling: Tell Your Story

As Americans exploring London, Phil and I were mesmerized by its scenic beauty, beautiful culture and wonderful history. London is breathtaking from sunup to sundown, even if it was raining. It sets the mood for solving mysteries like Sherlock Holmes. […]

princess dianas influence

Princess Diana – Empowerment in Vulnerability

Remembering Diana’s Legacy While I’m in London It’s crazy. We’re walking through Kensington Palace today and, I’m gonna be honest, I’m not super up on all my British history, but going in and seeing photos of Diana was really humbling. […]

why you should tell your story

Tell a Story – Change the World

Live a Life of Freedom by Learning How to Tell Your Story So a funny story, here in London, and it was nuts walking around here, we went along the river here and underneath a tunnel, and I had this […]


Vlogging Tips For Beginners From Professional Content Creator Philip Hartshorn

So, I’ve had the pleasure to sit down with the one and only Philip Hartshorn. Phil is content creator, influencer, filmmaker and movement expert. Phil is passionate about what he does. You’ll often find him doing short films that impart […]

storytelling secrets at the shakespeare globe theatre

Shakespeare’s Legacy: Inside Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

We all know Shakespeare as the godfather of storytelling. The stories he wrote centuries ago are imprinted on our culture and consciousness. Even as we move towards a more modern and digital world, Shakespeare’s stories are classic and timeless. And […]

Chalene Johnson: On Knowing What Your Offer Is Worth

I’ve had the perfect opportunity to throw some relevant questions to Chalene Johnson, and her husband, Bret, during the Marketing Impact Academy this year. Chalene is a fantastic woman who has so many titles under her belt: a best-selling author, […]

how to tell a story sean cannell facebook live

How To Tell A Story – Facebook Live With Sean Cannell

Telling a story is an effective and powerful tool that every brand and business should harness. Storytelling is a primary method of communication for thousands of years, and today it proves to be essential for entrepreneurs in establishing their brands […]

overcoming struggles tina turner the musical

What’s Love Got to Do with it – Tina Turner ‘s Secret Struggle

Anna Mae Bullock, popularly known as Tina Turner, is a cultural icon. She’s dubbed as the Queen of Rock n Roll and R&B Legend. Tina, however, has far more stories to tell than her fame and glam in the entertainment […]

brock johnson millenial entrepreneur

Brock Johnson: A Millennial With A Passion For Telling Stories

Brock Johnson is a 21-year old millennial and brilliant young man who we can learn so much from. I wanted to talk to Brock about a lot of things: how he juggles his time being a student and quarterback football […]

Sean Cannell: LinkedIn Video Secrets

Nowadays, videos have become an essential part of story-telling and marketing, and if your brand isn’t utilizing video as content yet, then you’re definitely missing out. I’ve had the pleasure to talk with Sean Cannell, a renowned influencer in digital […]