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Dad, CEO, Husband & Friend: HOW I Do It With Heart & Passion

By Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson I bet in your life you are probably asked to wear quite a few hats.  Each one requires a different skill set to best accommodate the audience that has assigned that hat to you. Have I lost you already? Just bear with me for a moment.  For me, a few of the hats I am required to wear on a daily basis are those of Dad, CEO, Husband, and Friend.  You may have less hats to wear, you may have so many that the thought of just writing a list of them seem daunting! Do you ever feel as though you are asked to wear so many hats that none of them really have that perfectly fitted feel a hat is supposed to have?  I have!  That slight tinge of panic that can creep in when life has you so scattered that you feel like…

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