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If I Don’t Get Started, Then I Won’t Be Able to Fail… Right?

if don't start then won't fail

by Jimmy Hays Nelson Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: For some time now you have had this nagging little voice in your head.  It comes and goes, but each time the voice gets a little louder and a little more urgent. “Maybe if you changed your eating patterns, you would have more energy. If you had more energy, maybe your performance at work would be better and get you that raise!’ “The doctor said if something doesn’t change, prescription medication is your only chance of living a ‘normal’ life” “You had so much confidence in high school when you were playing sports.  Where did that swagger go?  Maybe if you exercised we could regain that invincibility!” So you find yourself looking around for answers.  Maybe you ask your friends what they do. You Google search ‘Celebrity Diet’. You actually sit and watch the whole P90X infomercial wondering if…

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