Barbell Weights

Barbell WeightsSold in pairs, these vinyl-coated weights will never rust, chip, or need repainting. And they’re designed to be more gentle on any floor than other weights. Plus, their unique design allows you to comfortably grip them with your hands so you can use them for bar-less moves. Made for the Beachbody® EZ Curl Bar and the LES MILLS PUMP barbell.

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Add intensity to your workouts while sculpting and defining your body with these unique weights, designed specifically for the LES MILLS PUMP workout.

  • Available in 2.5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., and 25 lb. plates
  • Have a soft coating that will never rust, chip, or need repainting
  • Uniquely designed to be used as handheld weights for barless moves

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