Turbo Jam® Challenge Pack

Turbo Jam® Challenge Pack

Enjoy THREE additional workouts FREE from the Keep On Burnin’ DVD (worth $29.95) just by purchasing Turbo Jam at Team Beachbody®.

Sculpt your body through kickboxing workouts with hot dance music playing in the background so that you can rock out during your workout with Chalene Johnson!

Comes with BONUS Workout and Turbo Sculpting Gloves for FREE!

Your Price: $160.00 Buy Now!

Ramp Up Your Weight Loss!

Turbo Jam® is one of the best workouts available that does not feel anything like a chore or work.  Chalene Johnson has packed every single workout with body sculpting, cardio kickboxing and calorie-burning dance moves along with hot music to keep you grooving while exercise.  Set your calories on fire by burning a maximum of 1,000 of them per hour – fun, fast and effective!

This calorie amount was confirmed through a recent college study.  Keep in mind that burning 1,000 calories an hour is more than running, step aerobics, walking, Pilates, strength training and walking! The golden ticket is what is known as Turbo Training, which forces your lower & upper body as well as your abs to work out simultaneously.  Activate over 95% more activity in your muscles by using the Turbo Sculpting Gloves that are included for free!

You Can Enjoy All of This…

FIVE incredible and fun workouts to burn the fat

  • Learn & Burn: Learn how Chalene’s “Elite 11” strategies can help you to blast away the inches and pounds one by one!
  • Turbo Sculpt: Tone and tighten your muscles within this 40-minute session that flattens, trims and reshapes your problem areas.
  • 20-Minute Workout: Just in case you do not have much time.
  • Ab Jam: Use the standing ab routine to attack your core from different angles in order to chisel sexy and lean abs within 20 minutes.
  • Cardio Party: Enjoy 45-minute dance fest that is turbocharged to blast those calories!

You can track your results with: “Elite 11” program flash cards to walk you through every single signature move, 24/7 support online to keep you connected to Chalene and the online community of your peers AND a program nutrition and fitness guide that teaches you everything that you need to know, do and eat in order to achieve maximum results!

But That is Not All! You Will Also Get THESE Gifts…

  • Turbo Sculpting Gloves: Proven to take your muscle activity up to a maximum of 96 percent so that you can get ripped much faster!
  • Punch, Kick & Jam: Advanced workout technique that is specifically designed to unlock the true power of the included Turbo Sculpting Gloves (50 minutes)
  • Turbo Slim® Nutrition Plan: A detailed meal plan that is very easy to follow and can help you to lose 10 inches within the first 10 workouts! You will also receive a tape measure and measurement card to track all of your progress.
  • ANOTHER BONUS GIFT: Booty Sculpt & Abs Workout DVD – Enjoy even more music and impressive exercise routines with this 30-minute workout designed by Chalene as well!

Your Price: $160.00 Buy Now!

Make sure that you seek guidance from your physician before you start any type of exercise program or diet.  

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