Insanity Workout Results in 3 Steps

By Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson – Insanity Cast Member & Master Trainer

Thousands of people are seeing awesome Insanity Workout Results, but maybe you are one of those that have tried it and were disappointed because your after photo didn’t match those you saw on the Insanity infomercial.  Well never fear I am here to help!  It all starts with the decision to work with a Coach during your Insanity Workout journey.

Many people don’t even realize they have the option to work with a Coach when they purchase the Insanity Workout DVD set.  So they get the box and just pop in the first DVD without looking at the guide, the calendar, or the Elite Nutrition Guide that comes with it.  They go barreling into it with no plan and no understanding of how it works.  Then they claim that Insanity didn’t work for them.   That would be like throwing a bunch of ingredients into a bowl and throwing it into a cold oven, then complaining that cake tastes awful without ever looking at the recipe book for directions on what to do with the ingredients!   Do you think having a world class chef by your side to walk you thru all the steps would increase your chances of creating a delicious cake?   Of course it would!   The same is true when you work with an Insanity Workout Coach!

VIDEO RECAP: Why will working with a Coach get me better Insanity Workout Results?

1. Save Time & Money By Avoiding Costly Mistakes

2. Learn the Small Details Others Skip That Get You The Best Results!

3. Get the Motivation, Support, and Encouragement you are currently lacking!

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