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The Surreal Out-Of-Body Dressing Room Experience

lucky brand jeans

by Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson So it was a normal Saturday afternoon.  Me, my lovely wife, Kelly, and our two year old son, Asher, decided to get out of the house and stroll around the Galleria Mall in Dallas.  We didn’t go with any specific shopping plans, it was mostly a case of cabin fever and just wanting to go kick around somewhere.  Plus Asher has a love for malls … or any large places with lots of people. However, as we wandered from store to store Kelly reminded me that I was in need of some new jeans for my upcoming trip to Los Angeles.  As I looked down at my bare knee poking through the whole in the pair I was wearing, I knew she was right. When it comes to me and jeans, there is always one stop for me.  I have developed an exclusive relationship with…

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