Who is Coach Jimmy?


I'd love to start or grow my BUSINESS

Let me share the tips, tricks, and hard truths about starting your own business and making it successful. There aren’t any shortcuts, but I bet I can shorten the learning curve!

I really need to focus on my BODY

My personal journey started with fitness and losing weight. Yours doesn’t have to, but if you want to get in better shape, lose weight, or get ripped... it all starts right here and now.

I'm here to develop my BRAIN

Personal development has played a key role in my success. Here I'll share my story, experiences, and knowledge with you. There’s no sense repeating my mistakes!

"You Being You Will Always Impact More People Than You Trying To Be Someone Else"

- Coach Jimmy

The Latest

Beachbody Coach Training – Tips to Long Term Challenger Success

By Coach Jimmy | September 23, 2016

Want to grow your Beachbody business? Follow these tips to long term success from two of Beachbody’s Elite Coaches, Jimmy Hayes Nelson and Chris Reed.

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How to Leverage Video For Network Marketing Businesses

By Coach Jimmy | September 20, 2016

As a network marketer, you ARE your company & you need to work smarter, not harder. Learn how to use video to grow your business with tips from Coach Jimmy!

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Why Work Sick Days Piss Me Off!

By Kenny Empey | September 15, 2016

You’re a grown ass adult that shouldn’t have to ask permission to take a sick day. Create a side hustle and take back control of your life from your bosses!

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Training Camp #15: How to Recruit 50 Beachbody Coaches a Month

By Coach Jimmy | September 13, 2016

In This Episode, You Will Discover:

  • How to authentically tell your story.
  • How to recruit 50 new Coaches each month!
  • How to inspire others with your journey.
  • How your struggle is your strength.
  • How sharing as you go is more impactful than waiting .

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What to Do When You Miss a Workout

By Coach Jimmy | September 8, 2016

Some people completely give up when they miss a workout. Coach Jimmy talks about how to break through this hurdle and stay on track with your fitness goals.

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Tuttle Group Radio Interview With Bob Beaudine – Part 4

By Coach Jimmy | September 6, 2016

You can find the strength to persevere when times get tough by asking yourself these three questions. Check out the last part of Bob’s interview here.

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Tuttle Group Radio Interview With Bob Beaudine – Part 3

By Kenny Empey | September 1, 2016

Bob shares how even the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact in part 3 of his interview with the Andy Tuttle Radio Hour. Check it out!

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Tuttle Group Radio Interview With Bob Beaudine – Part 2

By Coach Jimmy | August 30, 2016

Bob Beaudine tell you how you can rekindle any relationship by sending one simple text message in part 2 of his interview with the Tuttle Group Radio Hour.

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Tuttle Group Radio Interview With Bob Beaudine – Part 1

By Coach Jimmy | August 29, 2016

I was lucky enough to sit in during Andy Tuttle’s interview with Bob Beaudine. Check out part one of the interview every entrepreneur needs to see.

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Why is Staying Motivated Hard?

By Coach Jimmy | August 26, 2016

Nothing worth having comes easy and many people give up along the way. Coach Jimmy talks about why it’s so hard to stay motivated in this live stream.

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Shaun T, Me, & Insanity: Super Workout with 25K People

By Coach Jimmy | August 22, 2016

Never stop pushing. Finish your program and find the next. You never know when an opportunity like a live workout in front of 25k people will come your way.

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2016 Dallas Super Sunday Keynote Speech

By Coach Jimmy | August 19, 2016

Your story helps no one if it’s never told. Jimmy stresses the importance of sharing your struggle while you’re going through it at Dallas’ Super Sunday.

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The #1 Thing That Determines if Investing in a Live Event is ‘Worth It’

By Coach Jimmy | August 8, 2016

Debating on going to that live event? Not sure if you’ll get something out of it? Coach Jimmy shares his thoughts on whether or not that event is worth it.

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Your Goals Don’t Care About Your Feelings

By Coach Jimmy | August 3, 2016

Your goals aren’t going to achieve themselves. They won’t do the work for you. Coach Jimmy shares tips on how to push through your lack of motivation.

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Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy 2016 Recap

By Coach Jimmy | July 26, 2016

I recently had the pleasure to go to Chalene Johnson’s Marketing Impact Academy in Anaheim, CA. Check out my recap of the event and what I learned!

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