Who is Coach Jimmy?


I'd love to start or grow my BUSINESS

Let me share the tips, tricks, and hard truths about starting your own business and making it successful. There aren’t any shortcuts, but I bet I can shorten the learning curve!

I really need to focus on my BODY

My personal journey started with fitness and losing weight. Yours doesn’t have to, but if you want to get in better shape, lose weight, or get ripped... it all starts right here and now.

I'm here to develop my BRAIN

Personal development has played a key role in my success. Here I'll share my story, experiences, and knowledge with you. There’s no sense repeating my mistakes!

"You Being You Will Always Impact More People Than You Trying To Be Someone Else"

- Coach Jimmy

The Latest

Getting Back to Basics With Your Business

By Coach Jimmy | February 14, 2017

There’s No Reason to Reinvent the Wheel… It’s easy to lose sight of what you did in the past to get where you are today. You forget about the little things that brought you success after success and it’s these simple fundamentals that will bring you continued success in your business. Things You’ll Learn About […]

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Redefining What Being Successful Means

By Coach Jimmy | February 9, 2017

Sometimes you think hitting a goal will make you successful, but you’re actually chasing it for the wrong reasons. It’s time we redefine what success means.

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My Butt Cost Me Money

By Coach Jimmy | February 7, 2017

After losing 100 lbs, it was my muscular butt that cost me a modeling gig with GQ. I could have been upset about it, but validation comes from within.

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Seizing Opportunity When it Presents Itself

By Coach Jimmy | February 3, 2017

We live in an amazing time where people & information are at our fingertips, which gives us the opportunity to build a home business & change our lives.

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Booze Free February Facebook Group

By Coach Jimmy | January 30, 2017

What can we achieve when we give up our vices? Join me in a booze free February by joining my Facebook group to push each other to be the best we can be!

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Take Small Steps To Change Your Life Forever

By Coach Jimmy | January 24, 2017

People give me excuses on why they can’t do things every day, but these are the reasons why they SHOULD take action to change their lives.

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Success Comes When You Stay in Your Own Lane

By Coach Jimmy | January 23, 2017

Changing your life isn’t easy, but you can make it easier by staying in your own lane and focusing on doing what you’re awesome at.

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One Small Step to Get Your Fitness Journey Started

By Coach Jimmy | January 17, 2017

Starting your fitness journey can be tough, especially if you compare yourself to others. Follow this tip to kickstart your journey & build momentum that won’t quit.

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Cut out the Junk & Set Yourself Free

By Coach Jimmy | January 13, 2017

Clutter is overwhelming & can be suffocating if it gets out of control. Check out this minimalism lesson I learned to live a happier life with less debt.

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Storytelling Coach Shows You How to Live a Life of Freedom

By Coach Jimmy | January 11, 2017

Sick of the same old, same old? Craving a life of freedom? So did I and I built a 7 figure business just by telling my story.

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Know What Your Goals Are for 2017

By Coach Jimmy | January 3, 2017

Before you do ANYTHING, you have to know what your goals are or you’ll never get to where you want to be. Learn how to set goals that achieve themselves.

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How to Finish 2016 Confident & Strong!

By Coach Jimmy | December 28, 2016

2016 is coming to a close and everyone’s packing it in for the holidays, but not you. You’re going to finish strong and start 2017 off on the right foot.

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Building Confidence to Build Your Business

By Coach Jimmy | December 26, 2016

No one’s born confident and what you see when you meet a confident person is the result of years of accumulated experience.

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From Fat & Broke to Ripped & Rich

By Coach Jimmy | December 20, 2016

I talk with Angie Lee about how everyone has a six figure story, but they just don’t know it. Listen to this podcast to learn how to unlock yours today!

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James Wedmore Inner Circle Mastermind Retreat

By Coach Jimmy | December 13, 2016

Investing in myself has been the key to my success. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to find masterminds like James Wedmore’s to push yourself further.

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