Alcohol and Working Out – Real Talk with Insanity Workout Cast Member Coach Jimmy

by Jimmy Hays Nelson

Let’s have a little real talk about Alcohol and Working Out.  First things first, will you get better results with your workout routine if you avoid alcohol all together?  The answer is a gigantic YES!  So before we dive into any other ‘what if’s’ I just want to make sure you know that for ultimate results, avoid alcohol all together.

OK…. now that that’s out of the way can we have a little ‘real world’ chat? I felt compelled to make the video above because I know we are about to hit that stretch from Thanksgiving to New Years where holiday parties, family gatherings, bowl games, NFL Playoffs …. well let’s just call it what it is – a drink heavy time of year!

So let’s say you are doing something like INSANITY or P90X, are you supposed to become a hermit, hide in your house, and avoid holiday gatherings?   I guess you COULD do that, but what fun is that?   Or you could be one of those people that are wanting to start a program, but you use this time of year as an excuse to why you will just wait till January because what’s the point in starting during this time of feasting anyway right?   WRONG!

alcohol and working out

Look, the holidays show up every year.  I love this time of year!  Any reason to get together with people you love and celebrate gets a big thumbs up in my book.   So just be smart about what you are doing with the time between these celebrations.   At the end of the day, which is a better option:  The person who forgoes any exercise routine because they think it is pointless to do during holiday season, and by doing so they put on an additional 15-20 in the process – OR – the person who goes ahead and gets started, enjoys their holiday gatherings but commits to pushing play everyday, drinking Shakeology, and following their food guide in non-party times.   The 2nd person at the very least is going to maintain their weight instead of gaining, plus they will have already created momentum for themselves going into the new year instead of trying to manufacture it on January 1st with all the other ‘resolution hopefuls’.

So bottom line.  Commit to an exercise program, follow the nutrition plan, get plugged into a support community and still enjoy your holiday parties knowing that you will bounce back each day after and continue moving forward towards your goals even if life, circumstances, and holidays don’t always allow everything to be perfect.

P.S. — Perfection is overrated.   So just get started!  If you need help getting started I invite to stop by my Facebook page and let me know how I can help!

In this thing together- Coach Jimmy

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  1. Jen McGahan | November 5, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    Hilarious photo, Jimmy. : )


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