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How to Bounce Back After the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Loss

By Jimmy Hays Nelson It’s that time of year again. The time of year between mid November and January 2nd where the cakes, candies, parties, cocktails, and “legit” excuses to splurge on your meal plan seem to come fast and furiously! As I started to look at my upcoming schedule, it seems like I could ‘justify’ four to five splurges in a week for the next month and a half! Between an actual holiday, a party, or relatives visiting, it can be pretty destructive for those of us trying to eat clean and healthy on a regular basis! But you know what? THAT’S LIFE! And there may be stretches of time when we all aren’t as consistent as we would like to be with our nutrition and exercise plan! So what do you do when one bad meal becomes a five day buffet of treats……. YOU BOUNCE BACK! My fitness…

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