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Insanity Workout Free Tips

As a cast member in the Insanity workout DVDs, I wanted to pass along these INSANITY WORKOUT FREE TIPS to ensure you get the maximum results you want!

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BEWARE of Trying to Find the “Perfect Time” to Start Something New!

by Jimmy Hays Nelson Wow- how time flies!  This video was my first post when we launched NELSONGY FITNESS.  As you saw in the video, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing when I launched this blog.  The site, you see now, has come a LONG way and had many facelifts. I also think I make much better videos now.  But none of what you see now would exist if I hadn’t decided to start. Trust me when I say that it was not an ideal time for me to start something new.  This video was recorded 4 days before the birth of my son!  I had a lot of excuses and reasons to wait for a better time to start a new venture. Have you ever done that?  You want to eat better, or start exercising, or launch a side business that you are really passionate about.  However, you keep…

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