Good News – Diets and Workouts are a Waste of Your Time!

I quit - Workout and Diets Dont Work
By Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson


Yep, you read that title correctly.  More and more studies have come out that say over half of the people who start diets or workouts quit.  Think about how many people made the New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  Maybe you are one of those people.  Well it’s only been 4 months since the first of the year, how many of those people are still on their weight loss plan?  I would bet my money that the majority of them have quit.

The saddest part of this scenario is the wasted money and time that was invested initially.  Maybe you joined a gym, bought a program like P90X or INSANITY, or spent money on a food plan like Jenny Craig.

You know what?  I have to interrupt this blog post.  I have too much to say about this to capture it via print.   This needs a video so we can just TALK ….




“Thanks to working with Jimmy and his team my Triglycerides went from 650 to less than 200 & my Cholesterol dropped from 350 to 100!!! Thank You” – Jim H.

“It’s been 12 years since I’ve been at this weight! I never thought I would ever see the day! I hardly ever wear jeans, but on Friday, I wore my only pair that fit and they were sagging! Talk about pants on the ground.” – Sylvia Ramirez

“Thanks to your Challenge Group I went from a size 12 to a size 6. From 23.5% body fat to 19%. Lost 15 pounds. My goal of having a 6 pack by my baby’s first birthday is definitely within reach!” – Tiffany W.

“Since working with Coach Jimmy I have lost weight but the biggest difference to me is my tendonitis in my knees isn’t noticeable at all! Even with doing Insanity, a high impact workout, my knees didn’t hurt at all which has made exercising A LOT more pleasurable…what a relief!” – Christina F.

“Laid out in a bikini for the first time in 15 years!!! Thanks Coach Jimmy!” – Melonie J.

“Just hit under 200 pounds for the first time in over 3 years!” – Scott R.

“It is official! I am sitting here in a brand new, unworn (before now), pair of size 32 jean shorts! I haven’t worn this size since I was in…jeesh I don’t know maybe junior high! Absolutely loving my experience with Coach Jimmy’s team! Come join in the fun!” – Larry D.

“Being part of Jimmy’s challenge group has been huge for me! The accountability is huge but that is only part of it! Having people see changes in me when I don’t see them yet in myself, walking through this journey at the same time as others. One week I felt like a total loser when I gained 3 lbs… turns out several people had experienced the same thing that week! It was just our bodies adjusting to our new lifestyle. While that might have been enough to make me quit before, knowing that others were experiencing the same thing kept me going!” – Megan B

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What Jimmy's Trainees & Crew Members are saying

Tulin E.

"I was a skeptic. Thanks to Coach Jimmy's leadership 1.5 years later, I earn twice the income of my previous full time job, we lost 150 lbs as a couple, and helping hundreds of plus size women. Fitness has become our family's life bringing us closer together!"

Andy Tuttle

Branch Mgr, Oak Mortgage Group

"Coach Jimmy's constant support and encouragement has helped me be a better "me". Down 17lbs. More engaged in my marriage. More focused in my business. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Coach!"

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