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Last Week in Health & Fitness – October 19, 2015

best articles in health and fitness october 19, 2015

Hello hello hello! Welcome back to another round of the best Health & Fitness articles! Every week I pull the best health and fitness articles from around the internet so you have one less thing to worry about on your weight loss journey. Life’s hectic enough as it is and keeping up with the latest and greatest can end up being a time sink you don’t need!

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Last Week in Health & Fitness – August 31, 2015

Last Week in Health & Fitness Aug 31, 2015

Hey everyone! It’s Coach Jimmy, back again with another round of the best articles from last week, but this isn’t your average weekly recap. Oh no. This time…it’s all about food! I hear it so many times when I’m talking to people about their weight loss goals, what sort of nutrition plan they’re on, and what they’re struggling with and one of the things that keeps creeping up is that healthy food is bland or that it all tastes the same. This couldn’t be any less true so I’ve dedicated this recap to the wonderful world of scrumptious foods that are healthy for you.

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes: How to Chow Down, Stay Lean & Energize Your Day!

simple healthy breakfast recipes

You have probably heard your whole life that ‘Breakfast is the Healthiest Meal of the Day’, but you have also come to realize that morning is the busiest part of your life! There are lots of things that can contribute to rushing through your mornings, but these healthy breakfast recipes will make sure you get the energy you need in a snap!

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What Jimmy's Trainees & Crew Members are saying

Tulin E.

"I was a skeptic. Thanks to Coach Jimmy's leadership 1.5 years later, I earn twice the income of my previous full time job, we lost 150 lbs as a couple, and helping hundreds of plus size women. Fitness has become our family's life bringing us closer together!"

Andy Tuttle

Branch Mgr, Oak Mortgage Group

"Coach Jimmy's constant support and encouragement has helped me be a better "me". Down 17lbs. More engaged in my marriage. More focused in my business. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Coach!"

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