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Social Media Can be a Deceptive, Edited Highlight Reel

You can’t believe everything you see online. Social media has turned into a highlight reel instead of a peek behind the scenes. Don’t buy into the hype!

Success is Not a Straight Line…

No one ever achieves their dreams without hitting some detours on the way. What matters is that you stay the course. I know that better than most…

Out of my Comfort Zone

We all have that dream of what we’ve wanted to be since we were kids. For me, that’s theater and I’m in LA for a month getting out of my comfort zone to reclaim my inner artist.

Why am I in LA?

I’m going to be in Los Angeles for the next 3 weeks chasing a lifelong dream of mine. It’s something I HAVE to do. Come check it out.

What to do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

We all run out of gas at some point, but you have to get back on track. Learn a few tricks to create momentum when you have zero motivation!

Not Enough Hours in the Day

We all have the same number of hours in the day, but some people are able to do and earn more than you. How are you spending YOUR time?!

get in over your head

It’s Time to Get in Over Your Head

You’re capable of more than you know and the only way to find out what you’re made of is to jump in with both feet. It’s time to get overwhelmed.

dont give 100 percent

Don’t Give it 100%

A little bit of something is better than nothing. Stop waiting until you “can give it 100%”. It’s never going to happen. Get started today!

montreal super sunday 2017

Beachbody Super Sunday in Montreal 2017

Success isn’t convenient. Are you looking for a cake walk or success at any cost? Get to a Super Sunday event whether it’s your 1st year or 10th as a coach.

finding external motivation when you have none

Finding External Motivation When You Have None

Some days are tougher than others and it feels impossible to get motivated. Create your own motivation any time, anywhere with these great tips.

energy is a mindset

Why You’re Too Tired to Work Out

Energy isn’t something you get from a cup of coffee. Energy comes from taking that first step & moving. Don’t cut your workout because you’re “tired”.

Are you working TOO hard?

There’s no such thing as life balance. There are periods of time when we have to overwork to get where we want to go and balance just isn’t in the cards.