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all or nothing

Do you have an all or nothing mentality?

All or nothing is just an excuse. There’s never a perfect time. Stop waiting and putting off for tomorrow what you can do today.

learn to be patient

Learn to be Patient

If it gets built quickly, it can fall apart quickly too. Patience isn’t always fun or sexy, but it will pay off when you’re here a year from now.

Why It’s Important to have a Fitness Community

We all have good days and we all have bad days where it’s tough to stay motivated. This is why I LOVE being part of Beachbody’s amazing support community.

Come Join Our Insanity Support Community

Even though I workout 6x a week, Insanity is still humbling 8 years later! Come join our Insanity support community we recently launched on Facebook.

Learning the Secrets from THE Network Marketing Expert

Eric Worre is THE network marketing expert and Kelly & I were lucky enough to spend 3 days learning the secrets from him to help us push our business to the next level.

Letting Your Story Set You Free

Your story is more powerful than you know & it will set you free, if you let it. Check out this week’s #WellCrafted with storytelling master Bo Eason.

Getting Back to Basics With Your Business

Don’t forget your fundamentals! Get back to basics with your business and help your team duplicate to see continued success in 2017.

Redefining What Being Successful Means

Sometimes you think hitting a goal will make you successful, but you’re actually chasing it for the wrong reasons. It’s time we redefine what success means.

My Butt Cost Me Money

After losing 100 lbs, it was my muscular butt that cost me a modeling gig with GQ. I could have been upset about it, but validation comes from within.

Seizing Opportunity When it Presents Itself

We live in an amazing time where people & information are at our fingertips, which gives us the opportunity to build a home business & change our lives.

Booze Free February Facebook Group

What can we achieve when we give up our vices? Join me in a booze free February by joining my Facebook group to push each other to be the best we can be!

Take Small Steps To Change Your Life Forever

People give me excuses on why they can’t do things every day, but these are the reasons why they SHOULD take action to change their lives.